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compulsive truth telling!

Dignity? Modesty? Propriety? Being able to keep secrets? These things are someone else's problem now that my character has been somehow given a super dose of truth serum. No matter what they do, they cannot help but tell the truth. They are compelled to do it and, by God, nothing's gonna stop. Nothing can stop them.

→ My characters have just been dosed with the ultimate magical truth serum! (And are not currently admitting to anything pre-questioning because the mun has little inspiration!)
→ Your characters reply to harass them or approach innocently. Shenanigans ensue!
→ If confronted with a question, my character MUST answer all of them honestly.

This is only for tossing my characters up for now, may do a plurk-wide friends-posting cross-fest later on.

[stolen from bakerstreet]
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takatora kureshima | kamen rider gaim

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... Nii-san. Do you hate me?
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[This was Ryouma's idea, somehow, wasn't it.]

I could never hate you, Mitsuzane.
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Even though I did all of those terrible things?
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Even if your own decisions led you down that path, it was due to the foundation you were raised on. Father's sins... as well as my own. I'm just as responsible for what you did, because I was never there when you needed me.

[... this is... inconvenient.]

Aside from that, you're my brother. No matter what you do, that doesn't destroy our bond.
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Maybe. But that doesn't change the fact that I did terrible things. You didn't do what I did, and we had the same upbringing.
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No, it doesn't. But you and I didn't have the same upbringing. Father was far more responsible for my upbringing than he was for yours. You were my responsibility.
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That doesn't mean it's your fault. I may not agree with you sometimes... but most of the time you were trying to raise me while you were still a teenager, yourself. You shouldn't have had to be responsible for a child at that age.
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Nothing you say will make me feel any less responsible, Mitsuzane. I know I wasn't around for you, much. There was no real way I could have been. Not with school, as well as what Father expected out of me once I was older. ... with the way you were when you were younger, I'd thought... perhaps you'd turn out better.

[He makes a thoughtful noise.]

... more like how you are with your team.
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... I'm sorry, nii-san. It's... I'm sorry I'm a disappointment.

[It's not his brother's fault. His brother didn't do what he did. Even if it was their father's guidance that was the difference, it was still his decision.]
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I appreciate your willingness to apologize, but it's not necessary. I don't hold anything against you. I've seen how sorry you are and everything turns out all right in the end.
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... I still hurt you. I'm sorry about all of the things I did, but I still hurt you badly.
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Physically or emotionally?

[... that almost sounds like an attempt at a joke.]
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[Dammit, nii-san...]

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Then yes. I have to agree that you did.
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... I don't know how to fix what I did. I want to, but... I can't...

[He feels like he's seven again.]
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The only thing we can hope to do is make up for our sins the best way we can: rebuilding the city, giving hope back to the people... We'll make new paths, forged through the ruins. ... we both have to atone for what we did. All we can do is try.
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... I'll follow you, nii-san. I think... I think the other Riders aren't likely to trust me for a while. So I'll follow you and do what you tell me to..

[He misses the closeness. He misses being able to be fun and silly. ... But he gave that right up when he did what he did.]